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poletap smartrod alarms you as the fish strikes

poletap smartrod alarms you as the fish strikes - The POLETAP SMARTROD computerized fishing rod never misses a bite, signaling the angler when a fish has taken and the alarm will not go off when the rod is being ,The device can detect when a fish strikes. skip to nav fishing pole is called the Poletap SmartRod, and alerts anglers to a bite with a light and alarm.,Tackobox Poletap SmartRod demo video. 1:13 ELECTRONIC FISH BITE ALARM with LED & Magnetic Trigger by FishAlarmUSA 20,356 views 3:16 RC Helicopter FISHING!,The Tackobox Poletap SmartRod uses computer-controlled accelerometer technology to detect when fish bite, the rod alerts the angler with a light and sound alarm.,Imagine being able to tell the moment a fish snags your lure while fishing. Now, with SMARTROD, you will be alerted when the next fish bites even if you arent ,It's so smart it will automatically turn off the alert as you reel in the fish so as You can help bring POLETAP SMARTROD The output alarm volume ,Its not every day you can get in touch with technology while being outdoor. Poletap Smartrod features a computerized alarm to alert you as you get a strike!,Poletap Smartrod Alarms You as the Fish Strikes. Usage Logs Indicates the Existence of iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Poletap Smartrod Alarms You as the Fish Strikes ,The POLETAP SMARTROD is a computerized fishing rod How will you know if a fish strikes on one of the SMARTROD responds with an auditory alarm and ,The only condition where you can find that fishing is exciting is if youre fishing in a pool full of fish. Other than that, fishing is so boring youre

poletap smartrod alarms you as the fish strikes

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